Led by legacy

About Us

TEKNO Consultancy is an international firm founded in 1964 under the name Ayoub Engineering Consultancy. The firm is specialized in planning, architecture, and engineering services for governmental, institutional, commercial, educational, industrial, and residential clients.

While the firm's work is diverse, ranging from corporate headquarters and commercial facilities to housing and university buildings, all of our projects share a unifying theme: design that is in harmony with the community setting, client values, and user needs.

TEKNO Consultancy collaborates with clients to define goals and problems , leading them to creative, realistic solutions.Through clear communication channels, clients become integral members of the design team, helping to weigh budget and design against long-term objectives, and build consensus around key project requirements, responding to the program, site, and surroundings. Whatever the setting, we design with the understanding that successful public buildings reflect the ideas, values and traditions that make each client, user and context unique.

Our Team

As colleagues and friends, we enjoy working together and have structured our office around the sharing of ideas that lead to better design. Team members are clustered together in an open office environment allowing synergy to develop through project.

We rely on both analytical and intuitive methods, from group brainstorming to analysis of similar, exemplary projects. Teams are empowered to allocate firm resources and respond to client needs throughout the design process. We strive to be an organization with a minimum number of organizational levels, giving the decision-making responsibility to those closest to the issues.

Based on this philosophy, employees experience the opportunity for growth that is based on their own competency, attitude, and commitment. Personal satisfaction is achieved through a sense of accomplishment and a job well done.