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International Nile Club

The River Nile with all its micro-environment components, was the sole design influencer and style definerof this club's design concept.

The river's drifting waves and its aqua-life had clear impact on the - smooth yet eye-catching- facades of the club and its -well crafted- interiors.

The design consists of two main blocks linked gently with a central plaza, the streamlined style of the landscape responds to the overall environment leading to a dancing fountain visible from Nile Avenue area; this solo dancer will spread vitality into the still skyline of Khartoum.

Main Project Components:

Plaza Billiards
Bowling Food Court
E-Library Skating Rink
Gyms Shooting Range
Boutiques Swimming pools
3D Cinemas Arcade & Gaming
Cafes & Restaurants Administration & Service


The building's footprint is 15, 000 sqm with a total Built Up Area of 47,500 sqm.

Total Cost of the project is $ 116 ML

Construction Completed
Service Rendered
Infrastructure Design
Landscape Design
External Lighting
Interior Design
Construction Supervision